Elton John Farewell Yellow Brick Road

Over the last 4 years, PEEX has developed a ground-breaking and fully patented live music technology. Tested with Elton John at 100+ arena shows worldwide, the PEEX wearable technology has been developed to connect artists and fans closer than ever before.

The PEEX rX is the world’s first wearable providing zero latency, infinitely scalable, high-quality audio anywhere in a venue. Wherever you are, you’ll feel like you’ve got the best seat in the house.

You’ll also be able to personalise and take control of your audio experience with the PEEX mixer; a free app connected via Bluetooth to the PEEX rX. Enjoy mixing your favorite instrument or musician, while remaining fully immersed in the energy of the live music experience.

PEEX LIVE is now available on Elton John's Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. You can rent a device to try at any of the shows in the list below that say ‘Book Now’, or sign up to be notified when a show you’re interested in becomes available, for shows that say ‘Notify Me’. Ready to book? Rent your PEEX rX device now.



What is PEEX?

PEEX is a ground-breaking & fully patented live music technology connecting artists & fans closer than ever before.

The PEEX experience is delivered via the PEEX rX device, the world’s first wearable providing zero latency, infinitely scalable, high-quality audio anywhere in a venue. You are also able to personalise & take control of your audio experience with the PEEX mixer; a free app connected via Bluetooth to the PEEX rX.

Why would I want to try PEEX?

Take these two examples...

Let’s first say you have a great seat near the front, or maybe even a VIP pass. You want the best experience. Granted the sound is the best in the venue; however, with PEEX, the clarity pops like never before. Plus, you are able to interact and emphasize your favourite instruments and musicians (e.g., crank up the guitar on the solo) which often get lost in the power of the PA.

Second, perhaps you are a bit farther back where the inherent venue acoustics aren’t able to produce quality sound. The synchronized audio enhancement from PEEX makes you feel like you are plugged in directly to the band giving the highest quality audio experience anywhere. Along with the mixing capabilities, you will have the best audio anywhere in the venue.

Why is PEEX unique?

PEEX is augmented audio reality and is one of a kind. That means that your experience is a combination of the PA and synchronized, complimentary audio “kick” maintaining the power of a live show but adding the clarity and crispness never before possible.

There are no zones, no hardwires, no Wi-Fi bandwidth issues or drop outs, and no substitutes. Listen anywhere. Even if you walk around and go to different areas, PEEX adjusts automatically always providing a fully synchronized experience.

What is PEEX’s relationship with Elton John?

Elton John & Rocket Entertainment have been deeply involved over the past 4+ years in testing & refining the PEEX technology. We have jointly demoed PEEX at 100+ Elton John shows globally across 80+ different venues. Together, we are thrilled to be at a point to share PEEX with live music fans.

How do I try PEEX?

You can attend a PEEX-powered show and rent a PEEX rX device. Currently, PEEX is available for rental on select dates of Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. You need to use a PEEX rX wearable device in order to enjoy the PEEX LIVE experience at a concert.

When and where can I try PEEX?

Currently PEEX is available to rent at many of the shows on Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. Check https://rent.peex.live to see a full list of PEEX-enabled shows and pre-order your PEEX experience at any available show. We will be announcing additional venues and artists in the near future – you can stay updated via subscribing to our email newsletter or following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

How does the technology work?

Each venue is fitted with PEEX transmitters which send a copy of the digital audio signal coming from the instruments on stage to the radio receivers (the PEEX rX devices) worn around fans’ necks at the speed of light. The real magic is how the receivers achieve zero latency by syncing this digital signal with the slower moving sound waves coming from the speakers, so no matter how far you are from the stage you will always have the best sound experience in real time.

Why would I try PEEX?

If you’re someone who is passionate about live music and you want to get closer to the artists you love, trying PEEX is a great way to do that. Plus, PEEX’s 5 channel volume mixer in the app allows you to experience concerts like never before.

For example, guitar fanatics will love the ability to turn up the volume of their favourite guitarists mid-concert, as will those who prefer drums, or bass, or whatever your musical preference is. Hear it your way.

Who can rent PEEX?

Anyone who goes to a PEEX powered show can rent a PEEX rX and experience the difference.

PEEX works everywhere in the venue and adds to your experience whether you are in the front rows or in the gods.

How much does it cost?

To find out how much PEEX costs in the location you’re interested in trying it, please check our current list of shows live on https://rent.peex.live

What devices are supported by the PEEX LIVE app?

Both iPhone (iOS) and Android devices are supported.

PEEX LIVE works with Android 7 (Nougat) and all newer versions as well as iPhone 6 and later generations.

Will using PEEX mean that I have to look at my phone during the whole show?

Not at all. Many PEEX users will use the app once to set their volume levels the way they want, then put their phone in their pocket for the rest of the show. You can use it as much or as little as you want.

Are the PEEX rX earbuds noise-cancelling?

The PEEX experience is designed to enhance, and not to replace the concert experience. It’s because of this that the earbuds are specifically designed to be open-backed and let sound in, and therefore not noise-cancelling, so you are always ‘in the room’ and able to hear the crowd cheering. The only difference is you have an added layer of clarity and sound quality on top of the ambient sound in the room.

PEEX uses a standard 3.5mm audio jack. If you want to use your own earbuds, go ahead and enjoy!

Can I use my own headphones?

Yes. You can bring your favourite pair of headphones if you would like to, though a specially designed open-backed pair of earbuds will be provided to you on-site. Due to latency issues with Bluetooth, you can currently only use wired headphones with the PEEX rX. The jack port on the rX device is a standard 1/8” (3.5mm) jack.

Does using the PEEX rX provide any noise protection?

The PEEX rX earbuds naturally provide a degree of noise protection simply by physically being in your ears, this coupled with adhering to safe hearing levels as set out in the app can mean your ears are subjected to safer hearing levels overall. Audio tests by the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at University of Southampton have shown a reduction of 11.5 dB with PEEX in your ears.

Please be careful when increasing the volume in the app beyond the safe hearing level, as listening at louder volumes for long periods of time can cause hearing damage.

How do I sign up to rent PEEX?

To pre-order your PEEX experience go to https://rent.peex.live, select the PEEX powered show that you’d like to rent a PEEX rX for, then follow the simple on-screen booking process, which will be presented to you step-by-step.

Where do I go to pick up the PEEX rX that I’ve rented?

You can pick up the PEEX rX from a PEEX Booth or a PEEX Brand Ambassador. PEEX Booths are located in different places within the arena concourses, depending on the venue. Keep an eye out for the PEEX Brand Ambassadors at the venue, they are easy to spot as they are wearing pink PEEX shirts and wearing tall pink backpack flags.

Peex Booth

What happens if I have a question during the show, or something isn’t working correctly?

You can find one of the PEEX staff to assist you at the PEEX Booth on the concourse.

Where can I experience PEEX?

You can use the PEEX rX at any show that is equipped with PEEX’s patented technology. And at a PEEX-powered show, you can use the device anywhere inside the arena, with absolutely no lag or delay, no matter where you’re standing or sitting.

How do I drop off the PEEX rX device?

The PEEX staff will be standing by the exits of the venue with pink PEEX shirts and PEEX flag backpacks. You can also return the PEEX rX device to a PEEX Booth any time during or after the show.